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An on-the-go packing solution for mobile consumers combismile

SIG creates new possibilities for producers with its innovative on-the-go pack

SIG has developed a new generation of packaging called combismile – an innovative on-the-go solution to help producers meet the growing consumer demand for mobile, healthy and individual food and beverage experiences. The market innovation has been introduced at the China International Beverage Exhibition on Science and Technology (CBST 2017) in Shanghai.
With its curved, modern shape and easy-grip corners, combismile is designed to increase the drinking comfort and convenience of consumers. The pack is re-closable due to its innovative single-action spout. And to flexibly cater to individual market needs, two straw hole sizes are available for both small and large footprints as well as different straw types.
Increasing consumer demand
SIG has created combismile to answer the increasing consumer demand for high-quality, authentic and convenient packaging solutions that are easy to use, enhance their experience and reduce their impact on the environment. With these new consumer needs, food and beverage producers are being challenged to create more innovative, sustainable and differentiated products.
“Today’s on-the-go consumers are more demanding from the products they buy,” said Markus Boehm, CMO of SIG. “They are looking for more than just standard products with novel, individual and healthy-minded products high in demand. But they need to be convenient and easy to consume – anywhere and anytime. With combismile, producers can attract mobile consumers with more targeted on-the-go products that truly stand out at the point of sale.”
In addition to offering added value in convenience and differentiation, SIG’s combismile is the ideal partner for premium products due to its smart and elegant appearance. And with SIG’s built-in drinksplus solution, it can hold more healthy ingredients and real food pieces, such as fruit, vegetables and cereal grains.

Unique shape

The unique combismile shape and smile is formed directly within the filling machine. Each combismile filling machine has an output of 24,000 packs an hour and comes with a number of benefits, including high-speed performance, volume flexibility and drinksplus capability added by spout and straw applicators. Together, this represents SIG’s most complete line solution.

SIG’s combismile is part of the company’s new Value Proposition: three value-adding segments to help producers meet increasing industry demands. combismile is one of the latest solutions within Product Innovation & Differentiation – a commitment to deliver innovative product and packaging solutions to meet changing consumer needs.

“As part of SIG’s end-to-end solution approach, combismile will create new possibilities for differentiation, convenience, premiumisation and flexibility,” added Markus Boehm. “This means producers can not only offer more on-the-go solutions but open up new market possibilities, create new product concepts and meet new consumer demands – now and in the future.”

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